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Are you looking for a top rated company that can do search engine optimization for your company? Opulent Marketing is a top rated stellar Broward SEO company that can get your business on page 1 of Google. In less than 90 days we will produce incredible results for any company no matter if you are new or old. We are located in Broward County, FL but we serve clients all over the country. 

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Broward SEO Initial Website Audit

Do you have an existing website? Well, if you do then chances are, we will need to audit your website. Our experts can audit your website free of charge to see what needs to be boost your rankings on Google. We analyze your content, pictures, back links, onsite citations, offsite citations, and much more. Most companies who do search engine optimization are not educated properly on how Google ranks websites. We are Google partners and we stay up to date with all the major algorithm changes. Using Opulent Marketing for Broward SEO will give your business the best chance at ranking in the top 3 spots on Google. Contact us to outshine your competitors and get quality leads.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is an important factor to ranking your website on Google. Optimizing the proper keywords will help the right customers find your business. Google is constantly changing their algorithm to weed out all the websites that don’t provide value to individuals using its search engine. Our experts will add the right components to your site for Google to recognize it as a reliable source of information. Opulent Marketing is a Google Partner, so we stay up to date with all the latest changes and requirements that’s necessary for you to stay top 3. We only use white hat procedures to boost your company’s rankings on Google. 

Many companies do things like keyword stuffing and other techniques that can get you penalized by Google in the long run. Our team only apply white hat techniques that will not put your company at risked getting penalized. Do business with Opulent Marketing, we know marketing and we know Broward County. 

Broward SEO Content Marketing

The content on your website is one of the most important factors to ranking your company on Google. Your website should have a minimum of 500 words and the content should be relative to the service or product you provide. Top ranking websites in competitive fields have a minimum of 1500 words, and in some cases, go up to 2500 words. Google wants to provide the person whose using their search engine the best experience by showing them the websites that will answer their questions best. If you meet the standards that Google is looking for, you can find yourself ranking at the top of any search in a matter of months. 

At Opulent Marketing, we have content writers that can write the content that is valuable to clients that visit your website. If you need SEO and content written for your website in the Broward County, FL area , give us a call. 

Google Local Listings

In June 2014 Google launched Google My Business. It was designed to make local businesses easier to find locally to someone who was doing a search. One of the most magnificent features of Google My Business was that it showed up above the organic search results. So, in some cases, if you are closer than a business that has been on the internet longer than you, you may show up first. We include registration of your business to Google Local and we optimize your website so that you can rank high locally and organically. There is no extra cost for the work we do for your company locally if you choose a SEO package with us. 

Registering your company with Google My Business will get you listed but it will not get you at the top of the list. .Our experts can boost your website to the top of Google Local Business. We are the #1 SEO company in Broward County so contact us if you want to rank on Google locally. If you want to register your business with Google My Business CLICK HERE.

Social Media Marketing

If you have a business, there is a slim chance that you will be successful if you don’t have a social media presence. Statistics show that the average person spends over 60 hours a month on social media. So logically, the best place to get your business in front of people is social media since they spend a lot of time there. Opulent Marketing focuses on build your audience on social media and helping you post content that will help you get customers. Do you want to run a campaigns on Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads? No problem, our experts specialize in targeting and capturing quality potential clients. Looking for a company that has knowledge and experience in such a new trend of marketing can be tough. Trust the #1 company for search engine optimization and social media marketing in Broward County. 

Broward SEO Video Marketing

Implementing and embedding videos on your website is very important. Videos are important for two reasons, one is optimization and the other is credibility. When it comes to optimization Google labels a website with a video more informative than a website without one. Of course, there are other variables, but if your site contains these variables with the video you are more likely to rank better than your competitors. Remember Google wants to be the most reliable source when searching the web. So if your website has valuable information then you will surely outrank everyone else. 

From a visitor to your site credibility is an important factor. On your website’s homepage you want to put a video that shows you and what you do. Before someone spends money with your company they want to know you are and see what you do. You have a better chance of landing a customer if you have a video of yourself or your employees at work. Also if you have a captivating or interesting video on your website, it helps your bounce time. Bounce time is how long a person stays on your site before they exit to another page or your site overall. When Google spiders crawl your site they assess your bounce rate and time. Don’t have a camera? Opulent Marketing has in house photographers who can come to your business and make an awesome video of you and your employees at work. 

We Are A Global Broward SEO Company

We help small businesses of all sorts. Real Estate Marketing, Lawyer & Attorney Marketing, Locksmith Marketing, Drug Rehab Marketing, Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing, and much more. Opulent marketing can get you more leads or help you exceed in boosting your rankings on Google organically. 

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